We’ve Got You Covered!

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a dynamic warranty program to help with veterinarian bills up to 150% of the puppy’s sale price. Most breeders and online pet retailers give credit or offer absolutely no reimbursement for vet bills.

Peace Of Mind

We give you the peace of mind that you can purchase a puppy with confidence, and that you are not alone if something goes wrong. Here at Broadway Puppies, we realize that puppies are just like babies, and from time to time they can get ill. Your puppy is only 2-3 month old, has a weak immune system, has been put through the stress of travel, and now in a new environment – your home.

  • Viral illnesses 15 days after arrival vet bills covered and reimbursed
  • One year genetic or hereditary defect guarantee covering hips, patella, heart, lung, liver, some skin conditions, and other possible ailments covered and reimbursed

How can we offer such a great warranty? The answer is simple; we provide healthy puppies from wonderful professional loving breeders. Significant issues are few and far between. Adopt with confidence. We’re here for you and your new furbaby family member.

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