Maltese Puppies San Diego

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  • August 6, 2018

Maltese Puppies San Diego

Maltese Breed Characteristics

The Maltese Breed History

The Maltese is a toy breed with a big personality. It is believe that the Maltese is the oldest of the toy breeds, with origins dating back more than 8,000 years. Mentions of the “Dogs of Malta” are thought to reference the breed, although the resemblance to today’s Maltese is debatable. The dog of Malta connotation is also a source of much contention, as some believe the phrase was merely a vague description of any white lapdog of the era. Nevertheless, the Maltese has been prominent throughout history as a dog of royalty and distinguished persons.

The regal nature of the small dog helped earn its place in the hearts of rulers such as Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. Ask any Maltese historian and they’ll tell you the tale of “Mr. Lukey” who allegedly purchased a pair of beautiful puppies in the Philippines with the intent of presenting them to Queen Victoria. However, during the subsequent voyage back to England the pairs condition was so derelict that he was advised not to present the dogs to her majesty. However, it is widely agreed that the pair was thereafter bred and responsible for the lineage of most Maltese in the UK and US.

Maltese Personality

It wasn’t just the magnificent appearance that captured the hearts of royalty, but the combination of a princely air, affection and companionship. Those same characteristics are what make the Maltese such a sought after breed, even today. The Maltese is a lively dog with spirit and spunk. It remains active and playful throughout its life, which lends to its inherent companionship characteristic. There’s never a dull moment with a Maltese in your home. The dog makes a great watch-dog, as it will alert you to intruders. However, they are not know for being excessive barkers if trained and properly socialized.

Does the Maltese need a lot of grooming?

The elegance of the Maltese’s coat is what draws many owners to the breed. The coat should always be pure white, silky, smooth, and lacking an undercoat. All that elegance does come at a price however. Expect to groom your puppy daily, if you plan to have a textbook example of what European royalty and breeders consider standard. Even if long flowing locks are not your goal, a short coated dog still requires daily care. Since daily brushing is considered a requirement, the practice should begin in early in the dog’s life. As you can imagine, keeping a pure white, silky Maltese clean also presents its own challenges. For that reason, they should be bathed regularly and from an early age. Once accustomed to the water, most Maltese will even enjoy their baths.

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Do Maltese need a lot of exercise?

Even at its relatively small stature of 7-10 inches and 3-10 pounds, the breed still requires moderate exercise. Although a toy breed, the Maltese is still a dog and all dogs need exercise. This holds true, even for the teacup version of the breed. The Maltese does well in apartments if taken for daily walks, as much for socialization as exercise. Exercise also serves to combat separation anxiety symptoms, such as barking, soiling, and chewing. A tired dog tends to be a good dog.

Are Maltese good family dogs?

The Maltese is a lover, a companion, and as a result can be a great family dog. The level of companionship they offer makes them great pets for the elderly and those living alone. Don’t let that dissuade you from picking a Maltese for your growing family though. With proper training, both your Maltese and your family can build a loving pack. Children need to understand the Maltese is a “toy” dog, but not a toy. If your toddler grasps the word gentle, a beautiful bond and lifelong companion can be made.

Most kids gravitate towards small and cuddly puppies, but accidents happen. Stepping on or dropping such a small dog can have irreversible consequences and lifelong repercussions. So, be honest about how your little ones will likely interact with your Maltese puppy.

Broadway Puppies wants to find the best home for all our dogs, so if you think the Maltese is a good fit for your family give us a call or stop by. If you’re unsure or have any questions about the Maltese or an other breed, take our perfect puppy quiz to see what dog fits your unique personality and lifestyle.

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