Budget-Friendly Ideas For Celebrating Your Puppies Birthday

  • David
  • August 2, 2017

It’s another year since you adopted your furry family member. Congratulations on getting this far. For many pet owners, the first year is usually the most challenging as you learn to care for an animal – training, walking and playing, potty training, feeding and diet, socializing, and so many other things. It is an exciting journey, and you can commemorate the achievements of each year with celebration.

Fortunately, you can find most of the things you need from your favorite Escondido pet store. Here are some fun things to consider:

  1. Plan a dog playdate

After one year, you should have met and befriended a few other dog owners in your neighborhood. Invite your family and friends with dogs for a dog playdate in an area with sufficient outdoor space, such as a dog park or fenced-in yard. You could also meet indoors. The important thing is that you plan the event. Ensure that there are enough games, water, and disposable bags. It’s best that each attendee bring their own treats depending on the likes and health concerns of their pet.

  1. Organize a party

Your puppy is a true member of your family, and should be appreciated every day, and at least once a year with an overdose of appreciation. Throw your furry family member a party with decorations, plenty of food and games for his guests, and pet-safe party hats. All these items are readily available in your local Escondido pet store. Include a present-giving session – where he receives a new toy or collar. For fun, the guests – human and animal – could stamp their “paws” on a poster board. Make sure to take many photos of the event.

  1. Go on a trip

If it’s just you and your pet, consider a change of scenery for the day or a couple of days depending on your schedule. You can stay local by visiting a nearby pet-friendly park or a supply store, or consider going a little further like to your parent’s home with a big yard, to the beach, to a pet-friendly hotel, or just a road trip in the country. If you an outdoorsy person, you can take your pet hiking or on a picnic. Do your research when going out in the wild to avoid common dangers.

  1. Pamper your pet

There are many other activities for the two of you can enjoy. On a hot summer day, set up a sprinkler so your buddy can romp through. On a cold day, give him a fresh, warm blanket – preferably right from the dryer – to curl up with. In addition, you can give him a longer play date than usual, get him some new toys, or go for an extra long walk.

Final Tip: Professional photo session

As your pet’s birthday approaches, find a nearby pet photographer and schedule a birthday portrait session. Print the professional images on mugs, t-shirts, caps, and other items, in addition to creating a photo memory book for your furry family member.